Registration for multiple zoom events

Coastwatch case study

Coastwatch Europe (CWE) is an international network of environmental groups, universities and other educational institutions, who in turn work with local groups and individuals around the coast of Europe. CWE primarily protects wetlands by raising public awareness of their value and demonstrating practical ways to save them. Coastwatch specialises in citizen science and has organised and participated in hundreds of events since the 1980’s and achieved practical restoration results including changes of legislation.

Industry: Maritime, Environmental, NGO
Event types: Invite-only talks, training and workshops
Average size of an event: 50 attendees
Key features: Registration, Email Manager, Attendee Management
Location: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Rethinking the event process

Due to COVID, Coastwatch decided to move their events online. The team’s most important need was finding an all-in-one solution that would save them time and energy during the planning stage and allow their attendees connect to Zoom post registration. Coastwatch worked with Qmeeto’s onboarding team and within a couple of hours they had branded event websites including agendas/registration and all their email invitations ready to send for the coming month’s events.

“From managing invitations to our different groups to quickly creating registration websites – having everything managed through the Qmeeto platform makes it so easy. ”


Segmenting their email invitations

One of their biggest goals for Coastwatch was to maintain the diverse stakeholders that their network is known for. Qmeeto’s email communication tool allowed them to segment their audience and send different emails to different groups. The email design was easily customized and fully branded. Personlisation was also important and they made use of the personalized attributes in the email subject line and body of the email which improved overall open rates.

Attendee data at their fingertips

For attendee management, the team really benefitted from the registration feature. The team could quickly see attendee numbers and which events they had registered for. Some zoom events had still to be decided on and once approved a link was sent to the relevant registered attendees. 

The results

The user-friendliness of the Qmeeto platform makes it easy for the Coastwatch team to manage their events from registration, right through to reporting. Audience engagement is at an all time high and they continue to build memorable and seamless experiences for their attendees.

A standout feature for Coastwatch is the ‘copy functionality’ which allows the team to copy an existing event template and create a new event in minutes, complete with branding, website and registration.