Boosting attendee numbers

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum case study.

Ireland has long been a country of emigrants, with around 70 million people across the globe claiming Irish heritage. EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a state-of-the-art interactive experience telling the remarkable tales of Ireland’s emigrants, chronicling their journeys to pastures new, their lives in foreign lands, and the influence they have had on the wider world. Although it only opened its doors to the public in 2016, it has quickly gained a reputation as a world class museum, having recently been voted Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2020.

Industry: Museum/Cultural
Event types: Exhibition launches, private networking events
Average size of an event: 50 attendees
Key features: Registration, Attendee Management, Check-In
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Rethinking their invite-only events

Before a temporary exhibition opens to the public, EPIC museum holds an official launch evening, inviting key stakeholders and partners to a preview of the exhibition. In the past, the team was spending endless hours stuck in spreadsheets, doing everything the old fashioned way with Outlook and excel spreadsheets. Once they switched to using Qmeeto, they noticed a major improvement in efficiency and collaboration between the team.

“We wanted to find a technology solution that wasn’t too complex and was easy to use. Qmeeto was the right fit for us, focusing on registration and check-in for smaller invite-only events.”


Immediate growth in acceptance rate 

The results were instant. With a branded invitation that looked great on all devices, they doubled the number of acceptances on their first event using Qmeeto. EPIC created an impact from the minute the invite hit the inbox. With easy to use features, they were able to create an invitation that was visually beautiful. They simply uploaded their exhibition branding, changed colours and fonts and got approval internally within minutes. The Qmeeto expert design team was also on hand if they needed any design support.

Attendee data at their fingertips

Being able to see who has registered for an event at the drop of a hat is one of the most valuable tools for the EPIC team. It allows them circulate regular updates to the management team and helps the events team understand their audience numbers and what they need to do in relation to event promotion. Once an event has taken place, they know straight away who showed up and who didn’t, allowing them to plan a faster follow-up.

No more long lines at check-in

With a one tap check-in process, the Qmeeto iPad app helps the team at EPIC to avoid long lines at the door. It creates a positive first impression for attendees as soon as they arrive and captures real-time arrival data. The Plus One feature means check-in staff can add unexpected guest details, which syncs automatically with the rest of the event data.

“When guests turned up on the night, it was really helpful to know what company they were from via the Check-in app. This helped us network more effectively.”



The results

EPIC were able to streamline the entire planning process around their exhibition launches. They increased efficiency by automating time consuming tasks and they gained visibility and awareness by using the various tools to create a professional branded experience for every attendee touchpoint.

By switching to Qmeeto, the team at EPIC can now set up branded event registration pages, send or integrate emails, track registrations, and check guests in with their iPads on the day. Events look modern, more professional, well-run, and are free of human error.