Getting to market faster is key

EQ communications case study

EQ Communications is a London based PR consultancy company, specializing in stakeholder and community engagement. Working with the biggest companies in the housing and utility sectors, including Southern Water, Tarmac, British Land, and Western Power Distribution, they believe that humans are social animals who thrive on the relationships they build with others. Since 2018, they have been successfully building these relationships via a range of events including workshops, panels and forums with community, business, political and environmental stakeholders. 

Industry: PR/Communications
Event types: Workshops, panels, forums
Average size of an event: 50 attendees
Key features: Registration, Attendee Management
Location: London, UK

A speedy event set up process

One of the most important things for EQ in a platform was the ability to quickly brand each of their clients’ events, from registration right through to check-in. With Qmeeto, the team can easily add company logos, upload photos, change fonts and colours. Once an event is set up in the system, they can also duplicate the event in seconds, allowing them to carry through the branded experience to the next event. No more room for human error.

“We couldn’t afford to waste time learning a complicated system. Qmeeto was simpler than others and very intuitive – it meant we set things up and got our events off the ground quickly after we switched.”


Managing the registration approval process

When it comes to running invite-only events, there are a lot of things to consider during the registration phase. Qmeeto allows the team to create custom fields so they can ask their attendees questions before the event. Multiple choice, dropdowns, open text fields, the system helps them ask the questions that matter in order to deliver a great event time and time again.

Navigating the transition to virtual events

EQ have pivoted completely to virtual events and it’s brought about a new set of challenges, which Qmeeto has helped them overcome. One such challenge is managing the uncertainty around event dates, with most dates not confirmed until the last minute. Now with the help of the software, they can still set up and manage registration, but wait to send approvals to attendees until closer to the event.

The results

Using Qmeeto, EQ is able to automate dozens of processes that would take one or more full-time jobs to do manually. Among these, setting up a registration page and event website can take up to a whole day if done manually. The same operation can be reduced to a couple of hours through automation.

Today, EQ saves up to 25 hours of work per event, which allows the team to host more events globally and focus on more projects. Reporting and analytics from Qmeeto give the EQ team insight into everything they need to know about event ROI and performance. This helps them prove the value of their event marketing programs and make better decisions about future events.

Qmeeto takes the hassle away from organisation and lets them focus on what they do best: creating dialogue between companies and stakeholders.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Qmeeto even for a second. Our events look more professional, and we have the assurance that if something goes wrong, Qmeeto is around to help.”